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SEC Filings
NUSTAR ENERGY L.P. filed this Form S-3ASR on 07/02/2019
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(3)NuStar Logistics or such subsidiary would be entitled to incur debt secured by a lien on the property or assets subject thereto in a principal amount equal to or exceeding the Attributable Indebtedness from such Sale-Leaseback Transaction without equally and ratably securing the senior debt securities issued under the senior indenture; or
(4)NuStar Logistics or such subsidiary, within a one-year period after such Sale-Leaseback Transaction, applies or causes to be applied an amount not less than the Attributable Indebtedness from such Sale-Leaseback Transaction to (A) the prepayment, repayment, redemption, reduction or retirement of Pari Passu Debt (as defined below) of NuStar Logistics, or (B) the expenditure or expenditures for property or assets used or to be used in the ordinary course of business of NuStar Logistics or its subsidiaries.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, NuStar Logistics may, and may permit any of its subsidiaries to, effect any Sale-Leaseback Transaction that is not excepted by clauses (1) through (4), inclusive, above; provided that the Attributable Indebtedness from the Sale-Leaseback Transaction, together with the aggregate principal amount of then outstanding debt (other than the senior debt securities) secured by liens upon any property or assets of NuStar Logistics or its subsidiaries not excepted by clauses (1) through (10), inclusive, of the second paragraph of the limitation on liens covenant described above, do not exceed 10% of the Consolidated Net Tangible Assets.

“Attributable Indebtedness,” when used with respect to any Sale-Leaseback Transaction, means, as at the time of determination, the present value, discounted at the rate set forth or implicit in the terms of the lease included in the transaction, of the total obligations of the lessee for rental payments, other than amounts required to be paid on account of property taxes, maintenance, repairs, insurance, assessments, utilities, operating and labor costs and other items that constitute payments for property rights, during the remaining term of the lease included in the Sale-Leaseback Transaction, including any period for which the lease has been extended. In the case of any lease that is terminable by the lessee upon the payment of a penalty or other termination payment, the amount shall be the lesser of the amount determined assuming termination upon the first date the lease may be terminated, in which case the amount shall also include the amount of the penalty or termination payment, but no rent shall be considered as required to be paid under the lease subsequent to the first date upon which it may be so terminated, or the amount determined assuming no termination.

“Pari Passu Debt” means any debt of NuStar Logistics, whether outstanding on the date any senior debt securities are issued under the senior indenture or thereafter created, incurred or assumed, unless in the case of any particular debt, the instrument creating or evidencing the same or pursuant to which the same is outstanding expressly provides that such debt shall be subordinated in right of payment to the senior debt securities.

Provisions Only in the NuStar Logistics Subordinated Indenture

Subordinated Debt Securities Subordinated to Senior Debt

The subordinated debt securities will rank junior in right of payment to all of the Senior Debt of NuStar Logistics. “Senior Debt” is generally defined to include all notes or other evidences of indebtedness for money borrowed by NuStar Logistics, including guarantees, unless such debt expressly provides that it is not superior in right of payment to the subordinated debt securities or other pari passu debt.

Payment Blockages

The subordinated indenture provides that no payment of principal, interest and any premium on the subordinated debt securities may be made in the event that NuStar Logistics fails to pay when due any amounts on any Senior Debt and in other instances specified in the subordinated indenture.

No Limitation on Amount of Senior Debt

The subordinated indenture does not limit the amount of Senior Debt that NuStar Logistics may incur.

Consolidation, Merger or Asset Sale

Pursuant to each of the indentures, NuStar Logistics may not consolidate with or merge into any other entity or sell, lease or transfer its properties and assets as, or substantially as, an entirety to, any entity, unless:

in the case of a merger, NuStar Logistics is the surviving entity or the entity formed by such consolidation or into which NuStar Logistics is merged or the entity which acquires by sale or transfer, or which leases,