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SEC Filings
NUSTAR ENERGY L.P. filed this Form S-3ASR on 07/02/2019
Entire Document


the portion of the principal amount which will be payable if the maturity of the debt securities is accelerated;
any right NuStar Logistics may have to defer payments of interest by extending the dates payments are due and whether interest on those deferred amounts will be payable as well;
the dates on which the principal of the debt securities will be payable;
the interest rate that the debt securities will bear and the interest payment dates for the debt securities;
any conversion or exchange provisions;
any optional redemption provisions;
any sinking fund or other provisions that would obligate NuStar Logistics to repurchase or otherwise redeem the debt securities;
any changes to or additional events of default or covenants;
the subordination, if any, of the debt securities and any changes to the subordination provisions of the subordinated indenture; and
any other terms of the debt securities.

Provisions Only in the NuStar Logistics Senior Indenture


The NuStar Logistics senior debt securities will rank equally in right of payment with all other senior and unsubordinated debt of NuStar Logistics and senior in right of payment to any subordinated debt (including the subordinated debt securities) of NuStar Logistics. The senior indenture contains restrictive covenants, including provisions that:

limit the ability of NuStar Logistics to put liens on any of its property or assets; and
limit the ability of NuStar Logistics to sell and lease back its principal assets.

Subordinated debt securities issued by NuStar Logistics under the subordinated indenture may or may not be subject to similar provisions, as will be specified in the applicable prospectus supplement. NuStar Logistics has described below these provisions and some of the defined terms used in them.

Limitation on Liens

The senior indenture provides that NuStar Logistics will not, nor will it permit any subsidiary to, create, assume, incur or suffer to exist any lien upon any property or assets, whether owned or leased on the date of the senior indenture or thereafter acquired, to secure any of its debt or debt of any other person (other than the senior debt securities issued thereunder), without in any such case making effective provision whereby all of the senior debt securities outstanding thereunder shall be secured equally and ratably with, or prior to, such debt so long as such debt shall be so secured.

This restriction does not apply to:

(1)Permitted Liens, as defined below;
(2)any lien upon any property or assets of NuStar Logistics or any subsidiary in existence on the date the senior debt securities of such series are first issued or created pursuant to an “after-acquired property” clause or similar term or provided for pursuant to agreements existing on such date;
(3)any lien upon any property or assets created at the time of acquisition of such property or assets by NuStar Logistics or any subsidiary or within one year after such time to secure all or a portion of the purchase price for such property or assets or debt incurred to finance such purchase price, whether such debt was incurred prior to, at the time of or within one year after the date of such acquisition;
(4)any lien upon any property or assets existing thereon at the time of the acquisition thereof by NuStar Logistics or any subsidiary; provided, however, that such lien only encumbers the property or assets so acquired;