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SEC Filings
NUSTAR ENERGY L.P. filed this Form S-3ASR on 07/02/2019
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Conflicts of Interest

Riverwalk Logistics, L.P., the general partner of NuStar Energy, has a legal duty to manage NuStar Energy in a manner beneficial to NuStar Energy’s unitholders. This legal duty originates in statutes and judicial decisions and is commonly referred to as a “fiduciary” duty.

NuStar Energy’s partnership agreement contains provisions that allow its general partner to take into account the interests of parties in addition to NuStar Energy in resolving conflicts of interest. In effect, these provisions limit NuStar Energy’s general partner’s fiduciary duties to the unitholders. The partnership agreement also restricts the remedies available to unitholders for actions taken that might, without those limitations, constitute breaches of fiduciary duty. Whenever a conflict arises between NuStar Energy’s general partner or its affiliates, on the one hand, and NuStar Energy or any other partner, on the other hand, NuStar Energy’s general partner will resolve that conflict.

Resolution of Conflicts of Interest

NuStar Energy’s general partner will not be in breach of its obligations under the partnership agreement or its duties to NuStar Energy or the unitholders if the resolution of the conflict is considered to be fair and reasonable to NuStar Energy. Any resolution is considered to be fair and reasonable to NuStar Energy if that resolution is:

approved by a conflicts committee consisting of three or more independent directors of NuStar GP, LLC, although no party is obligated to seek approval and NuStar Energy’s general partner may adopt a resolution or course of action that has not received approval;
on terms no less favorable to NuStar Energy than those generally being provided to or available from unrelated third parties; or
fair to NuStar Energy, taking into account the totality of the relationships between the parties involved, including other transactions that may be particularly favorable or advantageous to NuStar Energy.

In resolving a conflict, NuStar Energy’s general partner may, unless the resolution is specifically provided for in the partnership agreement, consider:

the relative interests of the parties involved in the conflict or affected by the action;
any customary or accepted industry practices or historical dealings with a particular person or entity; and
generally accepted accounting principles and other factors it considers relevant, if applicable.

Conflicts of interest could arise in the situations described below, among others.

Actions taken by NuStar Energy’s general partner may affect the amount of cash available for distribution to unitholders.

The amount of cash that is available for distribution to unitholders is affected by decisions of NuStar Energy’s general partner regarding:

amount and timing of asset purchases and sales;
cash expenditures;
issuance of additional units; and
the creation, decrease or increase of reserves in any quarter.

In addition, borrowings by NuStar Energy do not constitute a breach of any duty owed by NuStar Energy’s general partner to the unitholders.

The partnership agreement provides that NuStar Energy may borrow funds from its general partner and its affiliates, and vice versa.

Limited partner interests are subject to NuStar Energy’s general partner’s limited call right.

NuStar Energy’s general partner may exercise its right to call and purchase limited partner interests of any class as provided in NuStar Energy’s partnership agreement or assign this right to one of its affiliates or to us. NuStar