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SEC Filings
NUSTAR ENERGY L.P. filed this Form S-3ASR on 07/02/2019
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Dissolution of NuStar Energy
The holders of a unit majority. Please read “—Termination and Dissolution.”
Removal/Replacement of the general partner
The holders of a unit majority. Please read “—Withdrawal or Removal of the General Partner.”

Issuance of Additional Securities

NuStar Energy’s partnership agreement authorizes NuStar Energy, subject to any approvals required by the holders of Preferred Units, to issue an unlimited number of additional partnership securities for the consideration and on the terms and conditions established by NuStar Energy’s general partner in its sole discretion without the approval of any limited partners.

Except for restrictions arising from the need for approval of the holders of Preferred Units, there are no restrictions under the partnership agreement on the ability of NuStar Energy’s general partner to issue partnership securities, including partnership securities junior or senior to the common units.

It is possible that NuStar Energy will fund acquisitions through the issuance of additional common units or other partnership securities. Holders of any additional common units NuStar Energy issues will be entitled to share equally with the then-existing common unitholders in NuStar Energy’s distributions of available cash and additional partnership securities may be senior to the common units with respect to distributions. In addition, the issuance of additional partnership securities may dilute the value of the interests of the then-existing common unitholders in NuStar Energy’s net assets.

In accordance with Delaware law and the provisions of the partnership agreement, NuStar Energy may also issue additional partnership securities that, in the sole discretion of NuStar Energy’s general partner, may have special voting rights to which common units are not entitled.

No person will have any preemptive, preferential or other similar right with respect to the issuance of any partnership securities.

Amendment of the Partnership Agreement


Amendments to the partnership agreement may be proposed only by or with the consent of NuStar Energy’s general partner, which consent may be given or withheld in its sole discretion. In order to adopt a proposed amendment, other than the amendments discussed below, NuStar Energy’s general partner is required to seek written approval of the holders of the number of units required to approve the amendment or call a meeting of the limited partners to consider and vote upon the proposed amendment. Except as described below, an amendment must be approved by a unit majority.

Prohibited Amendments

No amendment may be made that would:

amend, alter, change, repeal or rescind, in any respect, a provision of the partnership agreement that establishes a percentage of outstanding units required to take any action, that would have the effect of reducing such voting percentage, unless such amendment is approved by the written consent or the affirmative vote of holders of outstanding units whose aggregate outstanding units constitute not less than the voting requirement sought to be reduced;
enlarge the obligations of any limited partner without its consent, unless approved by at least a majority of the type or class of limited partner interests so affected;
enlarge the obligations of, restrict in any way any action by or rights of, or reduce in any way the amounts distributable, reimbursable or otherwise payable by NuStar Energy to its general partner or any of its affiliates without the consent of NuStar Energy’s general partner, which may be given or withheld in its sole discretion;
change the term of NuStar Energy;