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SEC Filings
NUSTAR ENERGY L.P. filed this Form S-8 on 05/15/2002
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Exhibit 23.1


As independent  public  accountants,  we hereby consent to the  incorporation by
reference  in this  registration  statement of our report dated March 5, 2002 on
the  consolidated  and combined  financial  statements of Valero L.P.,  formerly
Shamrock  Logistics,  L.P.,  and Valero  Logistics  Operations,  L.P.,  formerly
Shamrock  Logistics  Operations,  L.P.  (successor to Ultramar  Diamond Shamrock
Logistics  Business) as of December 31, 2001 and 2000  (successor),  and for the
year  ended   December  31,  1999  and  the  six  months  ended  June  30,  2000
(predecessor)  and  for the six  months  ended  December  31,  2000  (successor)
included on Valero L.P.'s Form 10-K.  It should be noted that we have  performed
no  audit  procedures  subsequent  to  March 5,  2002,  the date of our  report.
Furthermore,  we have not audited any financial  statements of Valero L.P. as of
any date or for any period  subsequent  to December  31,  2001,  the date of the
latest financial statements covered by our report.

/s/ Arthur Andersen LLP
San Antonio, Texas
May 14, 2002